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What is a Reader Magnet for Book Marketing? | Episode 161

September 29, 2020

Reader magnets are usually freebie eBooks that self published authors give away in exchange for collecting a reader’s email address. In years past, it was common for self published authors to give away a free chapter of their books to encourage email opt ins, and ultimately a sale of the full book. Or an author would give away an entire shorter book to lure readers to purchase additional books or future editions of a book series. But do they really work to build fans and book sales?

Blog: What is a Reader Magnet for Book Marketing?

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0:39 What is a reader magnet?

1:17 Benefit of reader magnets

1:42 Downsides of using reader magnets

3:29 Services that help with reader magnet programs

5:33 Driving web traffic to your reader magnet is tough

9:07 How email trends impact reader magnet marketing