The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone and everything for even self published authors. I share some observations and news, along with tips for adjusting your self publishing efforts during this time.

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Blog: Instagram Live and Facebook Live: What You Need to Know Before You Hit the Go Live Button

Udemy course: How to Self Publish an Audio Book

Book (Amazon Kindle eBook or Audible audio book): Understanding Your Creativity 


Libraries are a valuable community service. But that doesn't mean they're a great venue for your self publishing efforts. I rant on why that is.

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Blog: Are Libraries Helpful for Self Published Book Promotion?

Giving away a signed copy of your book sounds like such a great promotional idea, right? Wrong! I explain why, and offer an alternative, in this episode.

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Blog: Why You Might Not Want to Do a Book Giveaway Promotion for Your Self Published Book

Creating branded merchandise (also known as promotional products, branded merch, or swag) for your self published book could be a losing investment. I explain why and offer a print on demand alternative to consider.

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Blog: Book Promotions Using Swag: What You Need to Know


Are your sales and royalties dropping because your book or series needs some repackaging, like a new book cover? I discuss how to decide if that's the reason for your sales slump.

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Audiobook news for authors! The Audible Captions case has settled (well, mostly). And the new ACX Audio Analysis Tool can help you publish your audio book more confidently.

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Previous YouTube video for background on the Audible Captions case:

Udemy course, How to Self Publish an Audio Book

Networking for Authors audiobook and Kindle eBook on Amazon, Audible and Apple Books



This is a very special episode of the podcast! My fellow editor and author friend, Shayla Raquel, joined me for a conversation about author branding. She is the author of The Ten Commandments of Author Branding and the novel, The Suicide Tree. Links to Shayla's books and website--and her great resources!--is provided below.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Does your book stink like rotten eggs?
  • What author branding really means.
  • Why authors are afraid to be themselves on social media.
  • Why Shayla no longer recommends book launch teams, and what to do instead.

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Are sales for your self published book lagging? Is that just the natural falloff that happens with books? Or is it a sign that your book is no longer relevant and market-worthy? I explain how books can become irrelevant, and things you can do about it.

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Blog: Has Your Self Published Book Become Irrelevant?



The Kindle Create ebook and print book formatting tool from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) just keeps getting better and better... and it's free! I review some of the new features that I discovered and tried while creating my latest book, Networking for Authors (available on Amazon; link below).

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Udemy course, How to Self Publish a Nonfiction Kindle eBook Like a Pro

Book: Networking for Authors: How to Build Your Fan Base and Book Sales through Networking (Amazon)

Your book idea isn't that original. There, I said it. But on the odd chance that your idea is "original," that doesn't mean your "unicorn" idea will make sales. Plus, you have the "no shoes" problem. I explain all of this in this episode.

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