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Rant: Kindle Direct Publishing POD Printing Problems? | Episode 105

September 3, 2019

When self published authors complain about the quality of their print on demand (POD) books that they get on KDP, do they really know what they're talking about? As someone who has worked in the publishing and printing realm for years, I discuss setting realistic expectations for your book. See the links below for more reading on the topic.

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:11 Self published authors complaints about "defective" printing

0:59 Why I'm qualified to talk about this topic

3:01 Print on demand technology

3:56 My experience with KDP print on demand book printing

4:29 What quality can you expect from KDP print on demand

6:34 Authors' unrealistic printing expectations

8:27 Protective varnish coatings for your books

12:15 Print on demand may not be right for your book

12:46 Avoiding the masterpiece "trophy book" problem

13:55 How Amazon supports you and your book for print quality

15:02 Don't listen to judgmental family and friends

15:54 Putting the print quality issue into perspective for self publishing

Blog Posts on POD and printing: