The Heidi Thorne Show

How to Self Edit Your Book | Episode 54

October 23, 2018

As a professional editor, I should probably tell you never to self edit. But I know there are situations where it is an inevitable and practical choice. So in today's episode, I share 3 techniques for more effective self editing of your book (or other writing).

Blog: How to Self Edit (Even Though You Shouldn't)

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Timestamped show notes (click to view segment on YouTube:

0:14 An editor telling you how to self edit your book?

0:34 Self editing if you have no money

1:21 When hiring an editor isn't worth the money

2:22 Editing before you send manuscript to pro editor

2:59 How to self edit your book

3:42 Using time to improve your editing

7:05 How seeing your manuscript in print or another format can improve your editing

8:32 Using online editing tools

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