The Heidi Thorne Show

Getting Media Coverage for Self Published Books | Episode 184

March 9, 2021

Getting mass media coverage for self published books is really, really tough. As a former trade newspaper editor for 15 years, I share why that is, and provide tips for making points with media.

Blog: How to Get Media Coverage for Self Published Authors and Books

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0:14 The challenge of getting media coverage for self publishing

0:39 Why editors don't want your press release

2:52 Why reporters and editors aren't interested in doing stories on you and your book

4:20 Do paid newswire services help get media coverage?

5:51 Why you should write your press release in the 3rd person

6:17 Does having media connections help get coverage?

7:36 Pitch a story, NOT your story

8:20 Social media is media you control

8:41 Don't be yesterday's news

9:13 How to connect with Heidi