The Heidi Thorne Show

Don’t Get Suckered Into Impossible Dream Book Writing Projects | Episode 151

July 21, 2020

Almost everyone seems to want to write a book, though not everyone can or should do it. As a writer, author, or editor, you could get trapped into fulfilling someone else's book writing dream. I explain the issues surrounding these impossible dream projects, as well as how to avoid getting suckered into them.

Blog: How to Handle Book Writing Requests that are Impossible Dreams

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0:11 Everyone wants to write a book, but some can't or shouldn't

0:40 Real life examples of impossible dream book projects

4:13 Biggest problems with these book projects

5:12 The legal issues with these books

6:32 These book dreamers need ghostwriters

7:55 Authors and writers are not charities!

8:13 Why and how dreamers impose on writers

10:10 What book dreams really want

12:31 Thinking outside the book