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Does Word of Mouth Marketing Work for Books? | Episode 255

July 19, 2022

I’m a bit put off by Mark Cuban's brag of spending no money on marketing for his new venture, relying totally on word of mouth. Authors may look at this successful billionaire, thinking they can spend no money or resources on marketing, too. Let me explain why this may not work.

Blog: Does Word of Mouth Marketing Work for Books?

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0:15 Mark Cuban's word of mouth marketing brag

1:21 Mark Cuban is a PR machine. You are not.

3:12 "I don't monetize my friends."

4:52 Word of mouth marketing definition

5:28 Are referral marketing and leads groups word of mouth marketing?

7:09 Is word of mouth marketing the same as PR?

7:34 Is social media word of mouth marketing?

8:18 Does word of mouth marketing work for authors?

9:54 How to connect with Heidi

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