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Do You Have Closet Readers for Your Books? | The Heidi Thorne Show | Episode 172

December 15, 2020

Do your readers feel they need to read your books in private? Some markets are more prone to this behavior, such as romance which we normally associate with women readers. But men can like it, too, and may be closet readers.

For self published authors, closet reading audiences present a huge marketing challenge. I discuss the closet reading situation and offer some insight on how to reach these hidden readers.

Blog: Book Marketing Challenge: Closet Readers

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0:17 Who are closet readers?

1:16 My closet reading confession

2:46 The reader isn't the problem!

4:51 Kindle closet readers

5:11 Marketing challenges and tips for reaching closet readers

8:11 How to connect with Heidi