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Crowdfunding a Self Published Book Interview with Lauren Darnell | Episode 144

June 2, 2020

I interviewed author, Lauren Darnell (@tryhardwriter on Instagram and TikTok), about her recent successful Kickstarter campaign for self publishing her children's picture book, The Day It Rained Iguanas. If you've been thinking about doing this for your next book, watch this before you launch!

YouTube Video:

Timestamped show notes for YouTube (click timestamp to view segment):

0:20 Welcoming author Lauren Darnell to the show

1:36 Lauren Darnell's writing and publishing experience

2:35 Lauren's crowdfunding campaign and why she choose to self publish that way

2:57 Challenges of writing children's picture books

4:51 Why Lauren chose self publishing and Kickstarter

7:27 Tips for crowdfunding with Kickstarter

11:53 Evaluating your author platform and fan base

13:41 Planning a timeline for Kickstarter

17:12 Handling Kickstarter campaign logistics, taxes, shipping, etc.

22:16 Challenges of working with educational and children's markets

26:00 Lessons Lauren learned from the campaign

26:35 How did the coronavirus pandemic impact campaign launch?

30:07 How to reach Lauren Darnell

Want to know more about Lauren and her books?
* Facebook
* Instagram
* TikTok (@tryhardwriter)