Just because the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system can process your manuscript file in 24-48 hours, doesn't mean that your book only takes that long to self publish! Find how long it really takes to self publish in this podcast episode.

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At a writers' conference, I was shocked to hear that authors were considering crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter) their self published book projects. What? And why? In this episode, I explain what this is all about and question if it's just crazy or creative. I also explain the difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

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My favorite business show, Shark Tank, is starting another season! For those who don't watch, Shark Tank is a reality competition show where entrepreneurs pitch their business or product idea to venture capital investor "sharks." Got me thinking about how our books--especially traditionally published, but self published ones, too--are like entrepreneurial projects. Listen to today's podcast (on iTunes, Stitcher or Podbean) for some key questions you need to answer about investments in book projects.

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For a review of the questions asked in the podcast, visit my blog post on ToughNickel: https://toughnickel.com/self-employment/Authors-Would-You-and-Your-Book-Survive-on-Shark-Tank


Self publishing a workbook or journal can be a great way to complement and supplement a consulting or coaching business, and gain more book sales. I discuss the benefits and challenges.

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Marketing a podcast can be challenging. In this episode I discuss ways to make your podcast more search friendly and memorable. Plus, I introduce the video podcast edition of my show.

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Confused about ISBN numbers? I explain what they are and what they can (or cannot) do for you.

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Print book self publishing platform is moving to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Find out what that means and what you can do to be ready for the transition.

As noted in the episode, here's the link for the KDP documentation on the transition: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/GSJULX3WGP36HQ3R

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Being in a business that isn't visual, which would include most authors and consultants, it can be difficult to come up with visual content to post on the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter or LinkedIn these days. I share my tips for developing social media content for non-visual businesses.

I also announce my latest audio edition for Small Business Failures Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants Need to Avoid, now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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Children's books seem so simple, right? Wrong! They can be one of the most challenging self publishing projects. In this episode, you'll learn what you need to know before you leap into the kids book market.

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It's the magical mystery number! Self published authors are often unrealistic about how many books they'll actually sell. I offer some insight on estimating how many books you'll sell.

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