In this episode, I rant on why you shouldn't just ask for "editing" for your book.

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You might think you've written the next great novel. And even if you have, traditional publishers and agents are interested in more than just your book. Find out what they want in this episode.

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If you participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this November, good for you. But I honestly don't like programs like this. I explain why in this episode.

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The big question on every author's mind: Can you make money self publishing? Well, technically, yes. But I talk about what you need to consider in this episode.

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Hard to believe the Kindle has only been around since 2007. In this episode, we celebrate Kindle's anniversary and I share how it's impacted my life and work.

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Bummed because your self published book isn't in the big retail bookstores? Don't be! I explain why, along with issues of selling through independent bookstores, in this episode.

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Some self publishing companies offer "promotion" assistance as part of their service packages for authors. But you need to understand what that means! I explain some of the terminology so you know what you're buying!

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Getting organic book reviews is tough! But forcing your friends and others to do reviews isn't the answer either. I discuss some ways to professionally approach potential book reviewers in today's episode.

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ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), Amazon's audio book publishing platform, is hosting FREE training for audio book publishers and producers, October 29 - November 2, 2018. Topics will include narration, audio book marketing, ACX Quality Assurance and more.

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While this free ACX training is great for those who are already producing audio books, if you need to know the basics, check out my Udemy course, How to Self Publish an Audio Book, and use Promo Code PODCAST for a special discount. (My Udemy course is not offered by, associated with, endorsed or approved by ACX, Amazon or Audible.)


As a professional editor, I should probably tell you never to self edit. But I know there are situations where it is an inevitable and practical choice. So in today's episode, I share 3 techniques for more effective self editing of your book (or other writing).

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