Authors can get so excited about launching their books that they don't plan for promoting their books in the long term. I offer some thoughts on long-term book marketing for your backlist (I explain what that is, too).

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Social media platforms are doing everything they can to keep people on them. And that's not good news for self published authors' book promotions. I explain what native social media is and how it will change your book marketing tactics.

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Are you embarrassed by your previous books and just want a do-over on them? Should you rewrite your old books? What happens to the old editions on Amazon? I discuss it all in this episode.

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Authors can often be tempted to create a separate website for their books. Seems cheap and easy to do until... well, I explain in this episode.

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Swag, which is slang for imprinted promotional products and merchandise, can be very effective for marketing. But when it comes to self published books, it can be a huge money waster. I explain why in this episode.

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I've never used a book launch team, and don't recommend them for self published authors. Not only do they dance on the edge of Amazon policy violations and ethics, they could impact your early book sales, too. I rant on why in this episode. Got an opinion? Connect with me on Twitter (@heidithorne).

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Something that just drives me nuts on social media is when self published authors post a photo of their proposed book covers for feedback. Why does that bother me so much? You'll understand why from my rant in this episode. And you might think twice about doing it for your next book. I also offer tips on properly getting feedback for your cover.

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There's a scary thought for self published authors! What would you do if Amazon went away? While that's really unlikely for the foreseeable future, it doesn't hurt to think about it. I offer tips for future-proofing your self published books.

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In past episodes about the Thorne Self Publishing Survey, we talked about what drives authors to self publish. But what doesn't motivate them to take that route? I have to confess that I can totally relate to their answer. And what doesn't motivate is just as interesting as what does!

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Selling self published books is tough. And it's getting tougher. In this episode, I share three mega trends that are affecting how much we make from self publishing.

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