The Heidi Thorne Show

Why Your Self Published Book Isn’t in Bookstores | Episode 58

November 13, 2018

Bummed because your self published book isn't in the big retail bookstores? Don't be! I explain why, along with issues of selling through independent bookstores, in this episode.

Click here to read my blog post, Why Isn't My Self Published Book for Sale in Bookstores?

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view that segment on YouTube):

0:29 How bookstores used to be

1:49 Why I don't care if my books are in bookstores

3:00 What expanded distribution means on KDP

4:20 Why bookstores don't really carry that many books

4:56 Why bookstores don't want to work with self published authors

5:32 Consignment sales with local bookstores

9:35 Where most self published books are sold