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Why 99 Cents Isn’t a Good Price for Your Kindle Book | Episode 125

January 21, 2020

Think pricing your Kindle book at just 99 cents will make a lot of sales? I explain why it doesn't, and provide a tip for finding the right price for your Kindle book.

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0:11 The 99-cent Kindle eBook myth

1:35 The 99-cent "try and buy" fallacy

3:50 99-cent price doesn't cover your costs

5:58 99-cent price doesn't increase book sales volume

7:20 How Kindle Unlimited impacts book pricing and sales

8:44 Using the KDP Pricing Support Tool

Blog: "Does Pricing Your Kindle Book at 99 Cents Boost Sales?

Udemy course, How to Sell Your Self Published Book on Amazon: