The Heidi Thorne Show

What to Do on Book Launch Day? | Episode 165

October 27, 2020

What do you do on book launch day? Is it a regular day? Do you have some sort of party or an event? Well, I'll be honest. I've never had a book launch party or event. However, for some people it's a big deal. And especially if it's your first book, it's worth celebrating. So I'm not dissing a book launch day celebration. I just think you have to keep it in perspective. So let's talk about what to do on book launch day.

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0:10 What should happen on book launch day?

1:29 Doing a live in-person book launch event

3:03 The most awkward book launch event ever

7:31 Virtual book launches and book tours

9:36 Video book trailers

10:01 Non-book things to do on book launch day

10:47 What your book launch day really is