What If Amazon Went Away? | Episode 85

April 23, 2019

There's a scary thought for self published authors! What would you do if Amazon went away? While that's really unlikely for the foreseeable future, it doesn't hurt to think about it. I offer tips for future-proofing your self published books.

Blog: https://toughnickel.com/self-employment/Self-Published-Authors-What-If-There-Was-No-Amazon

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/BvsGt82vc6w

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:13 Why Amazon and KDP are excellent for self publishing

1:31 What if Amazon went away? Lessons from Sears

3:12 How can you protect your book investment in Amazon and KDP?

4:34 ISBN number issues in a non-Amazon future

7:20 Look for non-exclusive agreements and copyright protections on non-KDP platforms

7:59 Selling your books in a non-Amazon world

9:28 2 ways to future-proof your self publishing investments

11:43 Announcing Udemy course, How to Sell Your Self Published Books on Amazon

Link to Udemy course, How to Sell Your Self Published Books on Amazon (note that the discount mentioned in the episode has since expired):