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Skills Self Published Authors Need to Have | Episode 155

August 18, 2020

Writing is only one of the skills you need if you want to become a self published author. Surprisingly, writing is the easiest of the skills. The rest? Well, they'll challenge you. Find out what skills you'll need to develop for self publishing.

Blog: What Skills Do Self Published Authors Need to Have?

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Timestamp show notes (click timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

2:19 They don't know what they don't know about self publishing

3:12 Self published authors need to be entrepreneurs

3:58 Skill: Self editing

4:21 Skill: Choosing a business model

4:47 Skill: Book production and quality control

5:18 Skill: Basic accounting

6:12 Skill: Book marketing and sales

6:50 Skill: Emotional skills

7:16 Where to learn these skills

8:00 What impatient self published authors want, but what they really need

8:58 The one self publishing skill you shouldn't outsource