The Heidi Thorne Show

Should You Worry About Book Returns and Refunds? | Episode 251

June 21, 2022

Some customers will be disappointed with what they purchase, regardless of what you offer. Admit it, you’re not happy with everything you buy. I don’t fret that somehow my books or content are bad if they are returned for refund. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about it either.

Blog: Why You Shouldn't Worry About Returns and Refunds of Your Self Published Book

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:15 The horrible review I got on Udemy

1:20 Business as usual... and getting worse

2:55 "Library-ing"

4:00 How many of your books have actually been returned?

5:56 The realities of returns and refunds

6:44 How to connect with Heidi

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