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Self Publishing Custom Card Decks: What You Need to Know | Episode 146

June 16, 2020

Self publishing custom card decks sounds like such a cool idea for educational, inspirational, or motivational material. But they are one of the most difficult and expensive printing and publishing projects ever! I explain the things you need to watch if you're considering doing a custom deck.

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Full YouTube video:

0:11 One the most asked questions on my blog

1:33 What's involved with creating a custom card deck

2:24 How to find a custom card deck printer

4:10 Card deck customization issues

6:36 Custom card deck packaging

9:05 Custom card deck sales and distribution

10:15 ISBN numbers for custom card decks

11:48 Why I would (or wouldn't) do a card deck

12:38 How to connect with Heidi

Blog: Self-Publishing a Custom-Printed Deck of Cards