The Heidi Thorne Show

Rant: Why an Amazon 4-Star Rating is Good | Episode 147

June 23, 2020

Authors often fret about getting 4-star reviews on Amazon for their books. Prompted by an exchange on social media, I rant on the Amazon ratings system.

Blog: Why a 4-Star Review on Amazon Isn't Bad

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:12 The social media exchange that inspired this rant

2:11 Myth: Anything less than a 5-star review is bad

2:27 Why Amazon named their stores 4-Star Stores

4:12 Why hoping for all 5-star reviews is unprofitable and ego-driven

5:15 Ratings and reviews are feedback, not rewards

6:34 Very few buyers actually rate and review Amazon purchases

7:35 Why 5-star reviews don't mean high quality

9:12 Why customers may view all 5-star reviews as suspicious

11:01 Some buyers are always negative

11:56 No one knows how Amazon's algorithm works

13:49 Competition is fierce on Amazon

14:37 You have no control over customer reviews and ratings

15:11 Do low ratings and reviews on Amazon really cause low sales?

16:14 Factors you can control that impact your book sales