The Heidi Thorne Show

Getting Your Self Published Book in Indie Bookstores (or Not) | Episode 222

November 30, 2021

Do you dream of seeing your self published book on the shelves of your local independent (indie) bookstore? I bust some myths about indie bookstores and self publishing, and I share what you need to know about the indie bookstore business.

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0:59 Myth #1: Indie bookstores are interested in your indie author book

2:25 Myth #2: Indie bookstores will buy inventory of your self published book

5:58 Myth #3: You'll make more money selling your self published book through indie bookstores

7:33 Myth #4: Expanded distribution on KDP will make your book available in bookstores

9:00 Understanding the bookstore business landscape

10:04 What is

13:38 Why do you want your self published book in indie bookstores?

15:34 How to connect with Heidi