The Heidi Thorne Show

Get Off the Self Publishing Hamster Wheel! | Episode 123

January 7, 2020

Will your self published book sales grow in the coming year? I discuss the product life cycle of books and how it is different than that for regular products. I also discuss a mindset that keeps authors on an unproductive self publishing hamster wheel, and what to do instead.

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Timestamp show notes (click timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:10 Normal product life cycles doesn't apply to books

1:11 The waterfall sales cycle for books

2:13 Why churning out new books doesn't build sales

5:32 Maintaining peak book sales is expensive

6:44 2 things you can do to expand book sales

Blog: Will Your Self Published Book Sales Grow Over Time?

Udemy course, "How to Sell Your Self Published Book on Amazon"