The Heidi Thorne Show

Do You Wish You Could Do a Do-Over for Your Book? | Episode 90

May 28, 2019

Are you embarrassed by your previous books and just want a do-over on them? Should you rewrite your old books? What happens to the old editions on Amazon? I discuss it all in this episode.

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

1:05 How unpublishing your book works on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

3:17 When you should upload a new book manuscript to KDP

4:17 When is an updated manuscript actually a new edition?

6:01 Why new editions are common with nonfiction

6:49 Do you lose reviews and ratings for the previous edition when you offer a new edition?

8:03 How to create something new from your previous editions

8:52 Is embarrassment driving you to create a new edition?

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