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Challenges of Self Publishing Children’s Books | Episode 160

September 22, 2020

Children's books seem so simple, right? But don't let that fool you! Children's books are a huge challenge, especially for self published authors. I share what you need to know about taking on this daunting type of project.

Blog: Writing a Children's Book Challenges

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0:10 Doing a children's book is tougher than it looks

1:01 The issue of age appropriateness for kids' books

2:16 Grade reading level and readability testing

3:29 A children's book is not always a picture book

4:23 Children's book illustration issues

6:07 Content maturity issues for kids books

6:56 Marketing issues for children's books

7:36 Hire a children's book editor

8:53 Is traditional publishing a better choice?