The Heidi Thorne Show

Audio Podcasting, Video Podcasting, or Both? | Episode 180

February 9, 2021

Should you do an audio podcast, a video podcast, or both? I discuss the merits of both formats, along with my personal experience using them.

Blog: Audio Podcasting Versus Video Podcasting? Should You Do Both?

Udemy course: How to Self Publish an Audio Book

YouTube video:

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:24 Growth of audio podcasting

2:05 Why audio podcasting is challenging

4:32 About video podcasting

6:05 YouTube as a video podcast platform

7:29 Which is better? Audio podcasting or video podcasting? Or both?

7:46 Comparing my audio and video podcast experience

9:42 Why authors shouldn't offer books as podcasts

10:19 How to connect with Heidi