The Heidi Thorne Show

Asking for Book Reviews | Episode 56

October 30, 2018

Getting organic book reviews is tough! But forcing your friends and others to do reviews isn't the answer either. I discuss some ways to professionally approach potential book reviewers in today's episode.

Blog: Asking Friends for Book Reviews

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Timestamped show notes (click timestamp to view that segment on YouTube):

1:05 Here's why getting organic reviews online is so difficult

1:45 Online reviews can be very polarized

2:58 Problems with friendly reviews at book launch

4:55 How giving away free copies of your book hurts your book sales

5:30 Don't make your friends feel bad if they don't want to review your book

6:30 Don't force copies of your book on potential reviewers

10:55 Why you should buy review copies for your reviewers