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Are Collaboration or Affiliate Marketing Deals Right for You? | Episode 176

January 12, 2021

Though it may seem to be an easy way to make some extra cash, when I receive collaboration or affiliate marketing deal offers, I ignore most of them. Some of them just aren't legit. Others just want too much. And some are just not a good fit. But how can you determine which are good for you or not? I share questions you need to ask yourself when considering these offers.

Blog: How to Evaluate Collaboration and Affiliate Marketing Offers

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1:03 What is a collaboration or affiliate marketing deal?

2:57 Is this offer aligned with your brand?

4:12 Could you be authentic promoting this product or sponsor?

5:31 What do you get? What do they want? Is it enough?

9:29 FTC and disclosure requirements

11:08 How to connect with Heidi