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Social media platforms are doing everything they can to keep people on them. And that's not good news for self published authors' book promotions. I explain what native social media is and how it will change your book marketing tactics.

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Being in a business that isn't visual, which would include most authors and consultants, it can be difficult to come up with visual content to post on the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter or LinkedIn these days. I share my tips for developing social media content for non-visual businesses.

I also announce my latest audio edition for Small Business Failures Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants Need to Avoid, now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

To connect with me, visit my website at For more on my books, visit my Heidi Thorne author page on

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IGTV Video App Test Drive

I took Instagram's new IGTV video sharing app for a test drive. Listen to hear what I think of it, along with tips for authors and content creators. Want to join me on the IGTV adventure? Follow me on Instagram and IGTV at @heidithorne.

Also, an announcement about my second audio book, Public Speaking to Get Business, now available on Audible, iTunes Audio Books, and Amazon.

For more about me, visit my website at or visit my author page on

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