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Can You Make Money Self Publishing? | Episode 60

The big question on every author's mind: Can you make money self publishing? Well, technically, yes. But I talk about what you need to consider in this episode.

YouTube video:

0:18 Self Publishing Survey update

1:25 The question isn't can you make money; it's how much

2:14 Royalties versus revenues

3:24 Selling print books direct to customers

5:14 Selling eBooks direct to customers

7:05 Profit and loss analysis for selling direct

8:00 Cost analysis for selling on KDP or other platforms

10:05 The upside of self publishing


2018 Thorne Self Publishing Survey Results and Analysis:

Happy Kindle Anniversary | Episode 59

Hard to believe the Kindle has only been around since 2007. In this episode, we celebrate Kindle's anniversary and I share how it's impacted my life and work.

YouTube video:

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:16 How I got started with Kindle

1:03 Kindle's Anniversary (November 19, 2007)

1:14 Why I didn't immediately jump on board with Kindle eBooks

2:51 The gift that changed my life

4:45 Converting to the Kindle app

5:26 Why I love Amazon for giving us Kindle and KDP

To see all my Kindle eBooks, visit my Heidi Thorne author page on

Why Your Self Published Book Isn’t in Bookstores | Episode 58

Bummed because your self published book isn't in the big retail bookstores? Don't be! I explain why, along with issues of selling through independent bookstores, in this episode.

Click here to read my blog post, Why Isn't My Self Published Book for Sale in Bookstores?

YouTube video:

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view that segment on YouTube):

0:29 How bookstores used to be

1:49 Why I don't care if my books are in bookstores

3:00 What expanded distribution means on KDP

4:20 Why bookstores don't really carry that many books

4:56 Why bookstores don't want to work with self published authors

5:32 Consignment sales with local bookstores

9:35 Where most self published books are sold

Self Publishing Companies’ “Promotion” Services Explained | Episode 57

Some self publishing companies offer "promotion" assistance as part of their service packages for authors. But you need to understand what that means! I explain some of the terminology so you know what you're buying!

Resource: How to write a press release:

Resource: How to distribute a press release:

2018 Self Publishing Survey Results (YouTube video):

2018 Self Publishing Survey Results (Podcast):

YouTube video:

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:13 Self Publishing Survey update

0:46 Self publishing company "packages"

1:36 Book promotion is not the same as book marketing and advertising

2:46 What self publishing companies mean by "book distribution"

4:33 What self publishing companies mean by "press releases"

7:16 Why the talk shows won't want you as a guest

7:41 What self publishing companies mean by "viral promotion"

9:41 Why you have to do your own book marketing

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