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Asking for Book Reviews | Episode 56

Getting organic book reviews is tough! But forcing your friends and others to do reviews isn't the answer either. I discuss some ways to professionally approach potential book reviewers in today's episode.

Blog: Asking Friends for Book Reviews

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Timestamped show notes (click timestamp to view that segment on YouTube):

1:05 Here's why getting organic reviews online is so difficult

1:45 Online reviews can be very polarized

2:58 Problems with friendly reviews at book launch

4:55 How giving away free copies of your book hurts your book sales

5:30 Don't make your friends feel bad if they don't want to review your book

6:30 Don't force copies of your book on potential reviewers

10:55 Why you should buy review copies for your reviewers

ACX University Free Audio Book Training Announcement | Episode 55

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), Amazon's audio book publishing platform, is hosting FREE training for audio book publishers and producers, October 29 - November 2, 2018. Topics will include narration, audio book marketing, ACX Quality Assurance and more.

For details, visit (I am not associated with ACX, except for earning royalties as an audio book publisher, and am just passing along this info as a PSA.)


While this free ACX training is great for those who are already producing audio books, if you need to know the basics, check out my Udemy course, How to Self Publish an Audio Book, and use Promo Code PODCAST for a special discount. (My Udemy course is not offered by, associated with, endorsed or approved by ACX, Amazon or Audible.)

How to Self Edit Your Book | Episode 54

As a professional editor, I should probably tell you never to self edit. But I know there are situations where it is an inevitable and practical choice. So in today's episode, I share 3 techniques for more effective self editing of your book (or other writing).

Blog: How to Self Edit (Even Though You Shouldn't)

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Timestamped show notes (click to view segment on YouTube:

0:14 An editor telling you how to self edit your book?

0:34 Self editing if you have no money

1:21 When hiring an editor isn't worth the money

2:22 Editing before you send manuscript to pro editor

2:59 How to self edit your book

3:42 Using time to improve your editing

7:05 How seeing your manuscript in print or another format can improve your editing

8:32 Using online editing tools

But if you find you really need an editor, connect with me at

How Long Does It Take to Self Publish Your Book? | Episode 53

Just because the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) system can process your manuscript file in 24-48 hours, doesn't mean that your book only takes that long to self publish! Find how long it really takes to self publish in this podcast episode.

YouTube video:

Timestamp show notes (click timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:12 News about the Kindle Create tool for KDP

2:15 You can publish fast on KDP, but...

3:01 How much time should you allow for each step in the self publishing process?

Crowdfunding Your Self Published Book: Crazy or Creative? | Episode 52

At a writers' conference, I was shocked to hear that authors were considering crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter) their self published book projects. What? And why? In this episode, I explain what this is all about and question if it's just crazy or creative. I also explain the difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

To watch the video for this episode on YouTube, go to:

Timestamped show notes (click on timestamp to view that segment on YouTube):

0:13 What got me thinking about crowdfunding for self publishing

1:41 Crowdfunding vs. crowdsourcing

2:43 How crowdfunding is done

3:25 Why would anyone want to fund your book project?

5:09 Why would authors consider crowdfunding a self published book?

7:48 Why you need to do a profit & loss analysis

10:15 Why I probably wouldn't crowdfund a book

Would Your Book Survive on Shark Tank? | Episode 51

My favorite business show, Shark Tank, is starting another season! For those who don't watch, Shark Tank is a reality competition show where entrepreneurs pitch their business or product idea to venture capital investor "sharks." Got me thinking about how our books--especially traditionally published, but self published ones, too--are like entrepreneurial projects. Listen to today's podcast (on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or Podbean) for some key questions you need to answer about investments in book projects.

For a review of the questions asked in the podcast, visit my blog post on ToughNickel:

To watch the video of the podcast on YouTube:

0:13 Why I love Shark Tank

0:38 Why authors are like entrepreneurs

1:02 Why authors' book pitches to publishers fail

1:38 Questions traditional publishers want answered

2:11 Who is the ideal reader for your book?

2:42 How big is the market for your book?

3:10 Is your book selling anywhere?

4:20 Understand trends for your genre or topic

4:54 How big is your author platform?

6:48 Why good book writers are horrible copywriters

7:40 What is the logline for your book?

8:29 How editors and beta readers can help

9:55 The long-term publishing game

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