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Bonus Episode: How Much Do Self Published Authors Make? | Episode 42

In this short bonus episode, I discuss responses from self published authors in the 2016 Thorne Self Publishing Survey. Can you relate? Also, if you're invited to share your self publishing experience in the 2018 Survey. To participate, go to and click "Self Publishing Survey" in the navigation menu (brings you to Survey Monkey) OR click the following link to go directly to the 2018 Survey:

Thank you for your participation and support!

Are Your Kindle eBook Ads Losing Money? | Episode 41

As a followup to the previous episode on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising for Kindle eBooks, I discuss how aiming for winning ad bids can lose money. In the episode, I mention the following blog post where I detail the formulas for figuring a maximum ad bid to avoid overspending:

Authors are invited to participate in my 2018 Thorne Self Publishing Survey. Here's the direct link to the survey on Survey Monkey:

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Does Your Own Self Published Book Bore You? | Episode 40

As authors and book marketers, we can get bored with the books we wrote and self published just because we've seen them for so long! But that's the wrong attitude to have about your backlist. In this episode, I talk about ways that previously published books can mean more sales and royalties. Plus, I talk about a weird thing happening on IGTV, Instagram's mobile video app.

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IGTV Video App Test Drive | Episode 39

I took Instagram's new IGTV video sharing app for a test drive. Listen to hear what I think of it, along with tips for authors and content creators. Want to join me on the IGTV adventure? Follow me on Instagram and IGTV at @heidithorne.

Also, an announcement about my second audio book, Public Speaking to Get Business, now available on Audible, iTunes Audio Books, and Amazon.

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Choosing a Good Nonfiction Book Title, Plus IGTV First Impressions | Episode 38

Your nonfiction book title is your book's "ingredients label," telling readers what to expect. But how do you choose a good one? I discuss in today's episode. Plus, update on my second audio book project and my first impressions of IGTV, Instagram's mobile video app.

Is Your Book Writing Stalled? | Episode 37

Is your book writing project stalled because of summer... or something else? Discover some thought provoking questions to determine whether to keep going with your book or not. Plus, a quick update on my second audio book project, along with a tip on audio book artwork.

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