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GDPR Impact on Email Marketing | Episode 32

Did you update your email marketing list for new GDPR regulations for the EU? I talk about how it impacted me, and what it could mean for small business email marketing in the future. Also, an update to changes to this podcast to a longer, weekly format.

Do Your Readers Surprise You? | Episode 31

Have you ever been surprised at what resonates with your readers? I discuss what to do with these results.

Video Book Trailers for Your Self Published Book | Episode 30

Just like the blockbuster movies, books can also utilize video book trailers to get people interested in reading. I share tips for making inexpensive book trailers for self published books.

What to Do About Bad Book Reviews | Episode 29

Bad book reviews on sites such as Amazon can be very disheartening for self published authors. How should you approach them without getting all bummed about it? I discuss some mindset strategies in this episode.

What You Need to Know About Self Publishing Companies | Episode 28

Self publishing companies can offer comprehensive service packages for authors. But since these can be thousands of dollars, you need to know what you're buying and what you're getting for the money. I explain some of the jargon, particularly about marketing, so you can buy with greater confidence (or decide to do it on your own!).

Explainer: Editing and Proofreading | Episode 27

As an editor, I can tell you that many authors don't know the difference between editing and proofreading. Big difference! I explain.

Self Publishing an Audio Book: What You Need to Consider | Episode 26

An audio book is a much more complex project than an eBook or even print book. Find out what you need to consider for self publishing an audio book.

Can You Get Too Much Feedback for Your Book? | Episode 25

How much is too much when it comes to getting feedback for your self published book? I discuss how much might be too much in today's episode.

How Long Should Your Podcasts Be? | Episode 24

Even though most podcasts are in the 30 to 60 minute range, mine are relatively short... on purpose. See why they are and what to consider when planning for your podcast broadcast.

Kindle Create Test Drive Results | Episode 23

I took Kindle Create, the Kindle eBook formatting tool from KDP, for a test drive. Here are the results.

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