The Heidi Thorne Show

How Book Lending Impacts Your Book Income | Episode 19

Find out how book loaning can impact your author book and eBook sales and royalties.

Why I Went “Naked” with My New Podcast | Episode 18

Not what you might think! I talk about how I’m approaching my podcast production for both practical reasons and trends.

Is Your Email Marketing List GDPR Compliant? | Episode 17

Quick informational episode about the GDPR regulations that go into effect May 25, 2018. This WILL affect email marketing for the future!

Explainer: Podcast Hosting and Distribution Programs | Episode 16

Confused about podcasting hosting and distribution? I explain the basics, with tips for choosing platforms that are right for you.

Rant: Quit Quoting Famous People in Your Self Published Book | Episode 15

I rant about the problems caused by self published authors quoting too much when writing their self published books.

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